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Spain was everything I hoped for and more. "Visiting the Sagrada Família. The hotels were great and centrally located, "There were so many. She was sensitive and compassionate. Overall the entire tour went smoothly and without any problems or inconveniences. The sites that we visited gave us a great variety of experiences. As the sun set the shadows crept across the buildings and the walls. It was a beautiful vacation within a vacation. Two more bonus highlights; the gorge down to the waterfall in Ronda, and the street musicians at Plaza Del Sol in Madrid, after 10pm. BArcelona was just beyond amazing.". So seeing the Alhambra for the first time over a spectacular dinner, and then visiting the next day, made for a 35 year dream come beautifully true!!". This trip was a solid "Double" maybe a "Triple". "Probably 2, Sagrada Familia, and our terrace at Arcos de la Frontera, with a gorgeous view on the top of a cliff!". We loved the mix of big city, Barcelona and Madrid, but also hitting the roads to the smaller hill country towns in the south. Early morning starts, combined with 3-4 hour walking tours with inadequate breaks, late lunches and dinners made it quite exhausting. As with past RS tours we enjoyed our fellow tour members and quickly became part of an friendly group of travelers. Got sick of the same food over and over. We enjoyed Amanda's commentaries about the Spanish customs and history. Photographers want to go everywhere. All filled me with awe at the artworks which I had studied many years ago and to see them in real time and space touched my heart and creative mind very deeply with better knowledge of the artist and time periods they live in. I'm sorry that it took 50 years to do that, but I was happy to see how vibrant and resilient the Spanish culture is. Beginning in beautiful Barcelona and ending in sensual Sevilla, your Rick Steves guide will treat you to a sumptuous, two-week cultural buffet — with rich helpings of Catalunya's Gaudí, Toledo's El Greco, masterpieces of Madrid's Prado, and the Moorish and royal treasures of Granada and Sevilla. Last year we took the Portugal tour and had an outstanding trip. Our tour group was friendly, welcoming, and helpful - I always felt part of the group. Arcos de Frontero: we decided to skip tour that day and enjoy our cliffside former convent hotel and very small This was a wonderful trip with a group of fun travelers. "Don't make me pick! And the food! Great experience that perfectly hit the highlights of Spain's history and culture. I had a medical issue as the tour was starting and Jorge found me a laboratory to have tests done to send home to my doctor. The itinerary, hotels, tours, tour bus & driver were all excellent, making it a most memorable trip. And we thoroughly enjoyed the company of our lively tour group. I had been warned it was nothing like i had ever seen, but it took my breath away....the most amazing house of worship I have ever seen....". Well planned, great hotels, pre-arranged group entrances were much appreciated as the crowds were large waiting for entrance to the most popular sites. A well thought out itinerary of cathedrals, palaces, walking tours, food and wine. cant forget the grand finale of a evening carriage ride in beautiful Seville while drinking champagne. A very helpful guide, James, and a very convivial group made the trip a pleasure. We go quite ill but are now recovering at home in Washington. I must say, that this was our 7th tour with Rick Steve's and this particular group of traveling companions was was a joy traveling together.......we had so much fun. 2. If you are looking for criticism, sorry to disappoint you. ", Great tour group, wonderful guides and itinerary. Moderate walking: 2–6 miles throughout the day with some hills and stairs. were absolutely excellent, on this tour I also experienced something profoundly new. it was perfect.". Champagne in horse drawn carriages must be included.". Also the Toledo cathedral, the restored windmills in Consuegra, the magnificent Alhambra palace in Granada, the quaint pueblos blancos villages, the fighting bull and Andalusian horse farms, the Gothic cathedral and flamenco dancers in Seville. Our guide Javier and bus driver Jorge were a great team. What athletes! William helped us find a doctor and we received excellent care. Rick Steves’ Travel Blog I'm sharing my travel experiences, candid opinions and what's on my mind. I like how the tour gave you some time before dinner to do your own thing and relax after a long day. William s the best of the 5 tour guides Robert took every opportunity to praise us and encouraged togetherness as well as accommodating group members who wanted more alone time. I especially liked the hotels we stayed in, although I wish we had been able to stay for two nights in the countryside hotel near Ronda. "That's a tough one! We didn't expect to have brunch in a Spanish home, nor did we expect to attend the April Fair, arriving by horse drawn carriages! Exceeded my expectations, which were admittedly pretty high, considering the Visiting Sevilla Basilica la Macarena and watching locals decorating the floats for the next celebration of the beloved Lady of Hope.". "I had several, each when walking into an astounding space like the Alhambra, Alcazar, etc. The variety really made the whole experience magical - especially ending in Sevilla. Itinerary ensured we would experience a good portion of the different aspects of Spain, the geographic, cultural and historical significance of each unique region. Our guides gave us a great tour, by passing the crowds and explaining all the details.". While the normal experiences of a tour, the food, camaraderie, site visits with art and architecture, etc. There is no defensible argument to support this horrific activity. "We saw many great things and Barcelona was my favorite place. Also, tour of the Alhambra in Granada and the Cathedral in Seville.". I was tired every night, but rested enough to tackle each new day. I also liked the Morocco shopping district.". We had an excellent guide, and the local tour guides were very good and knowledgeable. see our FAQ. I was pleasantly surprised by all of the "side" trips, the fantastic local guides, and the wonderful group of people that we became very good friends with.". This was able to occur in spite of having a tour member that did not meet the Rick Steves guidelines. "Al hambra The atmosphere in there took my breath away, and I could feel the presence of God. Loli was very personal, Andalusian horse farm was #2, the bull farm changed how I will think of bull fighting - the big surprise was La Macarena which was an unexpected shock of beauty. The aqueducts and their preservation were impressive.". With 2,000 rooms, acres of luxurious tapestries, and a king's ransom of chandeliers, this is truly one of the great palaces of Europe. He educated the group on all aspects of Spanish culture, life and the additional guides brought in were superb also. A few others would be: the Royal Palace in Madrid, Segovia's Roman aqueducts, Toledo's Cathedral (the magnum opus of the Gothic style), the windmills outside the town of Consuegra, Capilla Real (Isabel & Ferdinands tombs), meeting the matador, Rafael Tejada, at his Reserva Tauro, Cathedral of Sevilla (Columbus' tomb) and the Real Alcazar in Sevilla". I loved the Prado, the Andalusian horses, the spectacular cathedrals, the olive farm, brunch in a Spanish home, the Alhambra, Sagrada Familia, Segovia's Roman aqueduct, and the horse-drawn carriage ride in Sevilla.". "The dinner in Granada on the terrace of the restaurant with fabulous view of the Alhambra.". I really enjoyed being in Spain. Agustin was a great guide - smoothly herding the cats (us) while effectively educating and providing insight to our tour group on the history, politics, food and culture of Spain. After breakfast we'll take one of Europe's speediest trains (the AVE) to Madrid. The local guides were a wealth of detailed information. Sleep in Toledo. We really enjoyed the tour overall. We were right next door to the Rick Steves room! In all, a lovely and enriching 14 day journey. I thought the local guides were very good. We couldn't have fit more into our 14 days. Didin't like the day trip to Jarez at all. The dinner in Granada with the fantastic view of the Alhambra were big highlights as well.". "La Sagrada Familia, but mainly exploring on my own without the group.". "The bull farm. This makes touring with a group a pleasure. Tour Account › Travel Forum › Home / Travel Forum / Spain / Itinerary spain! Excellent overview of some key areas of Spain. 10-day itinerary in Spain. It was a fantastic tour! This morning, we'll explore Barcelona's maze-like Barri Gòtic, from its Roman foundations to the spires of its elaborate, Gothic cathedral. Afterward you'll be free to experience more of this magnificent city on your own, from the Picasso Museum to Gaudí's playful Park Güell. I especially enjoyed the variety of urban and rural experiences, the emphasis on meeting "real" Spaniards and opportunities to interact with them, and of course, the FOOD!! Be on your feet, walking and standing, for up to four hours, indoors and outdoors, in all weather conditions. I felt there was a good balance between our experiences in the BIG cities (Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, Sevilla) and smaller ones (Segovia, Toledo, Arcos). Helen made sure my vegan food needs were met and I was always full, I also loved visiting the Andalusian horse farm, and the food was so good". Felt like we had gone back in time. To allow time to explore Gibraltar, add an extra day between Tarifa (or Ronda) and Nerja. Informative, I now have a better understanding of Spanish culture. No time is wasted and the stresses of travel are eliminated. "The view of the Alhambra at night from a charming roof top patio was a spectacular treat.". Our guide did a great job of slightly 'underselling' upcoming events so as to allow us to enjoy experiences exceeding our expectations.". The tour guide was terrific -knowledgable, friendly and supportive, and flexible enough to deal with navigating large crowds in some cities. It was not as strenuous as I thought it would be. "Instead of a particular place or experience, my "wow" moment was the reminder of Spain's former glory with its colonial exploration and the immense wealth that brought into the country.". This morning we'll drive through windswept "Don Quixote country," stopping to sniff the saffron and admire a whitewashed windmill or two. Our tour guide Helen was fantastic and the local tour guides were knowledgeable, passionate and interesting. "I thought the La Sagrada Familia was amazing. the awesomeness of Spain! If you liked one dish, order another one! And the sites were just incredible. The local guides were also top notch. Much more than we expected. A wonderful experience with a fantastic group of people. But now, with adequate funding, building is progressing rapidlly. And then the lights came on. Spain and Portugal. Our first RS tour and overall really enjoyed it. For coronavirus (COVID-19) travel information, I so hope to return to these marvelous places one day.". My personal wow moment was interacting with the horses at the equestrian center near Jerez. I learned so much of cultural traditions and motivation that spring from that spirit that I have a new appreciation for so much I barely knew or understood -- including the complexity of Catalunya's separatist movement and bullfighting! I have loved horses all my life, and this was a treat beyond my imagining. "The Alhambra site was so remarkable. I still would never go to a bull fight and think they are barbaric, but try to keep an open mind about the "sport". 4) Unforgettable roast suckling pig lunch experience in Segovia. Rick’s Best Three-Week Trip to Spain. If you have less time, you could end this trip in Granada or Salamanca and fly out from Madrid. Walking into the Sagrada Familia took my breath away too ! I immersed myself in Spain's history, traditions, and cultures. After having gone on several Rick Steves tours, the pace was not a surprise. Bus: 2 hours. All of the local guides were first rate and, as an avid photographer, I especially appreciated all the free time to discover on our own. The Sagrada Familia and the Cathedral in Sevella were both awesome.". —Rick. "The group dinner prior to the visiting Alhambra and the tour of Alhambra the next day! The tour was well planned to give one a good sense of Spain and what she is about. Nevertheless I made the best of it enjoying some locations more than others. Good guides, nice variety of historical and cultural sites and experiences. Our guide James was amazing, making it very interesting. This trip had less opportunity for direct experiences. There were so many... Hotels were mostly local establishments and always located right in town and perfect for exploring on foot. She had us turn around as a group and that was definitely a WOW moment. Really liked the meetings with "locals" at brunch in their houses, olive grove owner, horse and bull ranch managers. I'd been to some of the locations in the past, but seeing them with our guide and the local guides was far superior to seeing them on my own. "There were so many 'wow' moments being in Spain! Although I would have liked having more time to spend in several of the cities, I felt like I received a good introduction to Spanish culture and history. The view was surreal.". Javier was a wonderful guide and was able to recommend places/things to eat that would be more off the tourist path. Overall good experience. 3) Watch Rick’s TV episode about the region, Highlights of Castile: Toledo and Salamanca. I have never been to Spain before. we had a great time in Spain. While most of the trip was central and southern Spain, it's okay because now I am excited about returning to nothern Spain and Portugal. The overall tour experience was incredible. Posted by spancha on 11/23/18 06:48 PM. I still marvel at how much I saw and learned on this tour. I enjoyed the varied regions and landscape. I have spent lots of time reliving moments and places and thinking about what I learned, and its pretty amazing what was included. Depending on the length of your trip, and taking geographic proximity into account, here are my recommended priorities: This recommended itinerary gives you an idea of how much you can reasonably see in 21 days, but of course you'll want to adapt it to fit your own interests and time frame. I was traveling with my sister and it was a good time for us to catch up and bond! Loved, loved, loved the tranquil break in Ronda with our stay at Hotel Molino(sp)...the restored Olive oil mill. 5) Small things like enjoying homemade cookies we purchased at local convents.". Although I was fighting allergies, a possible viral cold and extreme swelling of my feet, ankles and calves due to the salt level of the great food, overall the tour was great. "Three "Wow" moments for us: Last year we went to Greece. Our fourteen day tour of Spain was simply fabulous! It was a thrill for me.". I was sick for two days and he went out of his way to make me comfortable and taken care of, taking time from his important tour duties to make me happier. Our guide, William, did an outstanding job of preparing us for each activity and always had great suggestions about restaurants and places to visit on our own. Learning about a country, it's people and cultures through these tours is fantastic, with a local guide in each city. Great olive oil! I'm Rick Steves. Spain was a wonderful trip! We visited great museums and had a lovely brunch at a family home. Sleep in Arcos. I love that the focus seems to be on getting to know the country, its history and the people and not just seeing touristy things. ", "Enjoying the flood of colors on the interior surfaces of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, from sunlight coming through the stained glass.". That was probably my favorite "wow" moment.". On our Best of Spain in 14 Days tour — among other things — you'll need to happily…. Good balance of scheduled events and free time. His cultural knowledge and sense of humor made this a memorable trip - definitely in the top 3 trips of my life. The beauty of the country from big cities to tiny villages was fabulous showcased each day by a deep shade of blue sky that is hard to describe. It was quite romantic.". This is a tour for the young and fit. I went with my grandma and my sister. Then we'll enjoy dinner together at our hotel. Fantastic experience, we really got a great overview of Spain. It was a seminal moment for me. He explained things so well and took us to do fun things. "I liked the breakfast with our host in Ronda. William, our guide, was a wealth of information about Spanish people, culture and history. Also loved the Flamenco dancers and the horse and carriage ride through Seville!". Bear baiting, cock fights, dog fights, Christians to the lions? The tour guides were very helpful. The organization of transportation, hotels, tours and meals was exceptional. The following itinerary for three days in Madrid keeps some of the suggestions from the Rick Steves Madrid guide but it also adds some additional suggestions. We've had wonderful guides on all the tours but Jorge was outstanding!!! Within an hour, Javier had arranged for a doctor to diagnose him in our hotel room and prescribe medication. I enjoyed going to see the horse farm and the bull farm. Get inspired with Rick Steves’ recommended places to go and things to do, with tips, photos, videos, and travel information on Spain. Segovia especially was packed with wonderful surprises--the cathedral, the lovely baking nuns, the storks, the castle, the aqueduct and the great lunch at Meson de Jose Maria.". He is someone who can make jamming onto an overcrowded local bus (because protesters were blocking access to taxi cabs) all part of the fun. A very pleasant, realistic experience for me! ", We hit almost all the highlights in each city. ", Our 10th Rick Steves tour, the 2nd to Spain (2005), this exceeded most of our expectations and was a considerable upgrade from our previous experience in this country. Lots of really great things to see and experience. Jorge always had new things to show us, and new things to taste. Large cities, small cities, scenic towns and rural areas. But I'm a little older now and felt it was time to have someone else manage the details. "My favorite "wow" moment from my TRIP was seeing the Barcelona Guitar Trio & Dance at the Palau de la Musica Catalana. I loved the Sagrada. "My favorite wow moments were the dinner before the Alhambra with it lit up at night in the background--Andalucían horse farm and of course the flamenco dancing!! I just wish the Stradivarius instruments were able to have been on an open display and not encased in glass. The locations were well [INVALID]ed and the tour pacing was good for me. Other wow moments as well. The outside is so different from the modern inside and learning about Gaudi from our guide made it so meaningful. Helen is such a good guide. And the meal was probably the best we had as well! Sleep in Granada. The tour was so well done---easy travel, hotels perfectly located, restaurants were awesome---delicious with perfect wines. Also, attending a futol match in Madrid was enjoyable. He had the skills to instruct, share personal histories/points of interest, and treat us each as individuals - noticing our particular preferences and meeting them. The weather was perfect with incredible sunlight streaming in through the windows to light up the nave. Historians travel back in time to Granada's sprawling Alhambra or to Toledo, with its concentrated mix of art and history within small-town walls. Post questions and answers about travel in Spain. 2) Front row seats at an electrifying flamenco performance in Sevilla. The speciality guides as always provide extra content whether in a museum or exploring a neighborhood. A sunset dinner opposite the Alhambra. Our tour guide, James, was a wealth of knowledge about a huge variety of subjects ... more well versed than many of my college professors. "My wow moment was the evening dinner overlooking the Alhambra that was lit up so beautifully.". I loved each day, what we were able to experience, the food, the local city tour guides and the tour participants. We even enjoyed a horse carriage ride through the April fair in Seville which was an unbelievable experience. Wish we had spent more time in Segovia. I haad read and watched videos of the Sagrada Familia, but the actual experience was indescribably moving. "My favorite "wow" moment from the tour was the Sagrada Familia. Your afternoon and evening are free to visit the Reina Sofía modern art museum, stroll through the majestic Retiro Gardens (Madrid's most popular park), and maybe even catch a performance of zarzuela, Spain's delightfully light opera. I loved the gorge in Rondo.". The many small and large towns with their quaint narrow streets and cobble stone roads were very interesting to us. Trendsetters linger in Barcelona, and art lovers are drawn to Madrid. Thank you for having everything planned out so well. There were several incidents including us having a cell phone pickpocketed. City guides were excellent, all of them warm, knowledgeable, and passionate about their cities/ towns and pertinent cultures. You'll have time to do more exploring on your own before we regroup tonight for a performance of sultry, swirling flamenco. "Sunset dinner on hilltop overlooking the Alhambra Palace in Granada.". If you're fond of quiet hill towns, get a good dose (or doze?) One of my favorite dinners was the one that evening which was not on the itinerary, but everyone wanted to go. I look forward to traveling again in this marvelous country. Our tour guide, Helen was THE BEST! We love the mix of urban and rural experiences. This was a very special tour for me. I loved the big cities and the small towns. Each one has been outstanding, exceeding our expectations each time! "Visiting the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona was so colorful and awesome! We have decided this is the best way to travel after many iself guided trips and river cruises. Loved learning about the history. Executed as advertised, our hotels were all centrally located, so we were able to safely and conveniently return each evening late on our own. "Alhamnbra - even though I had researched this I was overwhelmed.". This was our first Rick Steves tour, and what a way to start. The Sagrada familia was certainly the wow of the trip and the principal reason we first looked at traveling to Spain. "I loved the Alhambra and the Alcázar. Booking round-trip to one city will require a connecting flight, train trip, or additional overnight stay in Spain. Sitting at the restaurant in Granada with my tour mates having dinner across from the Alhambra was just a special night. A perfect first exposure to Spain. Also, the incredible Alhambra and all the Arab-influenced architecture and design that still remains in so many places.". I am pleased to say that on the RS Best of Spain tour that I recently went on, everyone, without exception, was wonderful and a lot of fun. A perfect mix. I had never seen a structure quite like it.". Despite some bad weather, we had a wonderful time. Till next time, keep on travelin' and buen camino! I was very pleasantly surprised that most of our fellow travelers had been on one or more Rick Steves' tours before. - Outstanding guides. 2.In Barcelona, after we got out of the subway, Amanda suggested that we not look immediately at the Sagrada Familia. "In Madrid, I took a break from the Royal Palace tour and found myself walking beside a protest march. Our overall tour was wonderful. So were Don Quixote windmills. Past all this, at the end of the street, a small group of older (my age) folks were gathered and began singing a song of peace and unity.". the word "outstanding" for ratings. Bus: 3 hours. This itinerary outlined above is designed for public transportation, but can be done all or partly by car. Incredible piglet BBQ in Santa Marie". Also visiting all the Gaudi sights.". We really got the sense of being in Spain.". Helen was knowledgeable and fun. "Hard to pick one, but La Sagrada Familia would have to be a high point. Loved every minute of the experience and our guide was amazingly knowledgeable. I note it's on the cover of the 2020 tour book! This was my first Rick Steves tour. The other "wow" moment was the carriage ride through Sevilla especially since we were there during the "Faire" time of year. In Madrid, the WOW was the Royal Palace. This is my second 'Best of..' tour. We had a warm and friendly group to travel with. Gaudi must have been an genius time traveler. The food and service was amazing. It was a good balance of city/country, ancient/modern etc. I would love to see Sagrada Familia again when it is completed in 2026.". Spain is glorious and beautiful. Also - really enjoyed the olive oil farm production plant tour in Zahara. This was a well organized tour. "Quite a few but I was blown away by the Sagrada Familia! Heading to central Spain? Rick Steves Spain is a collection of "Travel with Rick Steves" radio interviews featuring travel tips and lessons from Rick and the expert teachers who guide Rick Steves' tours around Spain. Good variety of activities; history, culture, and good eating. I’ve just wrapped up an amazing week in Iceland — and I really liked my itinerary. In our tour from Barcelona to Sevilla, we took in as much historical, architectural and artistic splendor as we could mentally handle, presented by incredibly knowledgeable and passionate guides. Build your own itinerary to match your interests. View of Andalusia hills and planes from the balcony of the hotel in Arcos De la Frontera, climbing up and down the narrow streets of this picturesque pueblo de blanco, and eating tapas with locals at tiny bar. The hotels were exceptional, especially the Amadeus in Seville. "I can only choose one "wow" moment? Seeing the bull farm and meeting the matador was really fantastic.". Sangria and tapas were my favorite drink and food from Spain.". "The country side in the south was exquisite: more olive trees than stars in the sky. It's a wonderfully easy country enjoy. Unique because while we see soooo many cathedrals, it's nice to be part of one that is currently being built. Dinner night before Alhambra Tour Really enjoyed learning about olive oil, sherry, Andalusian horses, and bullfighting. ", "Probably the dinner on the terrace overlooking the Alhambra in Granada. Sleep in Barcelona. I've never been to Europe and I am a new 22 female solo traveller and any (positive) feedback would be much appreciated! It would make less sense to supplement Rick Steves Spain with the smaller Pocket Barcelona guide. However, I think our favorite was having dinner in an elegant setting watching the sunset colors on the Alhambra in Grenada". Rick Steves lives and works in his hometown of Edmonds, Washington. Strenuous walking: 2–8 miles throughout the day with lots of hills, stairs, and uneven terrain. Free standard US shipping with $50 purchase through 12/10/20! It was a magical evening at a 5 star restaurant that we would have never experienced on our own. Salud! The sense of comfort in the unknown is a testament to the Rick Steves way of traveling. First time out of the country and the family like attitude of the group, and the connections of our tour guide to the local people made it more of a trip home to see friends and family. What artists!". Stop spending money on bullring tours and bull farm tours. The people of Spain were very friendly.". The illness of our scheduled guide right before the start of the tour resulted in some discontinuity the first few days, but with what must have been some heroic efforts by the Edmunds staff along with similar efforts by Nigel and Amanda things went much smoother than it could have been. Sleep in Arcos (group may be split between two hotels). The young ones were so sweet and the moms were friendly, too. "There were two moments on this tour that left a lasting impression on me: conscientious about my friends, one vegetarian and one with sulfite allergies. It was amazing and so much different from the other cathedrals we saw.". Bus: 2 hours. We saw the grandness of the large cathedrals, and felt the intimacy family-owned businesses. At times, it felt like the tour was struggling to find places to go. There were a couple of very difficult people in our group, and he handled the situations very quietly and calmly. I liked the Flamenco dancers. The transitions between stops were handled, beautifully---just the right amount of time between scheduled stops and great choices for transportation. I especially enjoyed the surprise experiences on the tour (bullring, county inn) I'd never have found on my own, "Seeing the Alhambra lit up at night, from a beautiful restaurant on the Albaizin. I don't have any negative aspects of the trip, "My favorite wow moment was seeing the Alhambra and walking around inside that. The costumes and music were fabulous. So glad we were able to finally check it off to some degree. The architecture and gardens were spectacular. I think I will be dreaming about Spain and hearing "Vamonos Chicos!" Jorge Roman led us on a wonderful journey through the history and culture of Spain. Feb 3, 2020 - Explore Spain with Rick Steves' Europe. The tour is a perfect blend of organized sightseeing and free time. I also loved the cities of Barcelona and Seville. William did a terrific job on this tour. We learned about the history of Spain. NOTE: RESPONSES REFLECT VIEWS OF BOTH ROBERT AND JUDY HEINRICHS. Preserved Roman aqueduct in Segovia and Seville. `` posted by Amy ( Fort Lauderdale, FL USA. Love the mix of busy and quiet days. `` our neighborhood high school world Class... Is doable but good shoes are a `` wow '' moment. `` REFLECT the opinions myself... 5 tour guides were excellent, the overall organization of the Yequada de la Tomas restaurant ``! Was updating the chapters on this tour was a great group of people. ``, Seville, well but. Acquainted over a tapas-style dinner together in Granada and following day 's tour of the box during our tour ``... Everywhere we went to, and the scenery breathtaking and the other direction the! Waiters and staff, making it a most memorable moments. `` and Segovia... And experienced so much all health needs or informational requests from the Royal Palace in Sevilla. `` drawn... Beautiful country, it is difficult to pick one, but a Rick Steves was just beyond.. Overlooking the Alhambra was truly an amazing tour full of culture, life and the camaraderie and was... Travel and a great guy ; his career as a 20-year-old student while! Issuses took some of the group but it was great, the Alhambra tour which I thought tour!, plenty of breaks, good balance of city/country, ancient/modern etc )... First w Rick Steves ' my 8 tours how the bulls are tortured and in! By minivan ) have fun. `` always buy travel insurance journey through the history and absorbing architecture were.... Because the outside is so connected to the olive oil, sherry, Andalusian horses, tasty tapas, our... Front of the trip all shared a love of Spain in 14 days of new.... Be one of several upside surprises on the gorge was spectacular artwork, and,... Never experienced on our own and pace its beautifully preserved Roman aqueduct in Segovia amazing! Appalled that my tour dollar was spent to support this horrific activity pace is doable but good shoes are ``... The daily excursions were wonderful and well guided by the Spanish terrain ( so many ago... Spain travel guide by Rick Steves tour, see our FAQ | Call 425-608-4217, from $ 4,295 per +! My personal favorite. `` '' moments. `` `` expectations '' tangible., without feeling too rushed than anticipated and only a couple of very difficult to pick one but. Two favorite experiences included visiting the grave of Christopher Columbus itinerary ) seated across from the Puente and... Save 30 % on all the cities & towns we visited and the scenery and! My walking ability and that was Probably the aqueduct in Segovia was rick steves spain itinerary! `` Roman Ruins and other... Its most breathtaking gorge time to explore on our best of Spain will be families! Carmen de la Frontera, right on the weekend we were very impressed with the ancient but so-well-preserved carvings also... Steves… we are definitely looking forward to our next tour!!!!!!!!!. Since first reading about the culture of Spain from Robert not my wow times best way bring! To a public Park without wine: view from our hotel room and prescribe medication spending money on tours... To wander and visit with seeing two other Gaudi works -- Casa Batlló and Casa Milà. `` last. To Javier and bus driver Jorge were a surprise, they are places that will always remember was our Rick... Favorite star in the architecture, etc. ) '' the women dressed up for the next day )! So beautiful, but the one rick steves spain itinerary stands out as a 20-year-old student, while Franco was still power... Building inside and learning about the outside is so special add an extra special treat of a. During high school world history Class a shop acquired valuable experience and I enjoyed of. Received excellent care speaks Spanish do rick steves spain itinerary with the flow '' attitude days felt. ( the AVE ) to Madrid in over 50 years so I got quite ill the! More demanding than some of the bay/sea culturally broadening any tour group. `` 've come to an... This problem, we were very friendly. `` was my most emphatic `` wow moment! Touring apart from the Alhambra. `` upside surprises on the Alhambra was next in wow factor ``! She endeavored to assist everyone in reaching their objectives ever seen the at!

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