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rick steves best of europe in 21 days

"One of my "WOW" moments was when I walked out of the Sistine Chapel and realized I was looking out over St. Peter's Square. ", 21 Day European tour was amazing! It's a short drive and a half-hour hike to "Mad" King Ludwig's deservedly famous Neuschwanstein Castle. I have no hesitation in recommending this tour to others. She set us up for success in cities that we visted and provided information on local food and sites to see on our own . I absolutely feel I received my money's worth from this tour. We were well informed about everything from packing, preparation, daily schedules, history, and food along the journey. We learned so much and will treasure the time we had with our new friends. . It’s been fun packing you along here on my blog and over on the Rick Steves Facebook page for these last 100 days. The beauty and majesty of Austria and Switzerland are hard to beat, but I would say that Rome surprised me and with the help of Marta our local guide, I fell for the 'layers' of Roman history and culture.". More than thrilled with the bus and driver, Peter, and loved that we essentially had a row apiece on the luxurious bus. It was a great learning experience and has given us confidence to plan additional trips on our own in the future. ©2020 Rick Steves' Europe, Inc. | I was concerned the bus time might eat up too much time, but it was a welcome rest each time from the busyness of the on the ground time. I enjoyed the choices of places to visit. We'll then drive across the Bavarian countryside to visit Germany's greatest Rococo-style church, the Wieskirche. "There were too many to count, being high up on a gondola in the Swiss Alps, to a gondola ride in Venice every moment was a Wow!". Taking the gondola up the mountain you could see everything so clearly. Think I would make a few detours/substitutions but ultimately stick to this outline. I have been on many tours before, but this was my first Rick Steves tour. Having hotels, transportation, museum tickets and so much more planned out so well , makes traveling much more affordable, fun, educational and provides an element of safety which I appreciate. Every day was full of things I never thought I would see, in places I never thought I'd be. I had so much fun! I thoroughly enjoyed the entire trip and experience for our first trip to Europe. No bus (too much water). I am considering taking the Best of Europe in 21 days tour. "I can't say there was just one favorite 'wow' moment. "While everyday was a wonderful new adventure being in Switzerland was the one place that was more than we expected". No bus. It really was "the trip of a lifetime" for me, so many wonderful experiences and fabulously fun times with the group. This day provides a busy, star-studded finale for our tour. Also, a close second, toasting with Champagne at the lit up Eiffel Tower! So many more!". Dachau was an emotional journey.". see our FAQ. Taking the cog train up to our hotel in Wengen and seeing our view from he Hotel Belvedere took my breath away. The size of our tour group was good. Boat: ½ hour. Jody made this tour outstanding. "I think experiencing the tour with our group. And that kiss on the cheek of a wonderful chef in a tiny restaurant. After a helpful orientation tour, the afternoon is yours to see the best woodcarving in Germany (Riemenschneider's altarpiece), walk the medieval wall, tour the Crime and Punishment Museum, or hunt down the best apple strudel in town. Tonight we'll take an alleys-and-canals orientation stroll to our first Italian dinner together. Strenuous walking: 2–8 miles throughout the day with lots of hills, stairs, and uneven terrain. I had never been in the Alps before and seeing the snowcapped mountains surround our hotel was amazing. Bus: 7 hours. This evening is free to make your own discoveries. One of the remarkable things about our introductions, is that Tim suggested that we say our names and not necessarily share our occupation, past or present. Paris was a pleasant surprise.". Light to strenuous walking (your choice). My personal favorites included the gondola ride in Venice, going up the Alps in a cable car and good food!! How can I express my absolute delight in all that this trip held for me? That is what this trip was about - Matthew 18 and Drew 17 (brothers) roomed together. Light walking: 2–4 miles throughout the day on mostly level terrain. I not only saw some of the coolest places but learned so much about them. Breakfast is provided, but there are no group activities today. Our classic, three-week Best of Europe tour packs more travel thrills into a single vacation than you can imagine. A collective whoop punched the air and all 28 of us ran like kids cheering with joy toward the turnstiles. Best of Europe in 21 days. "For me there were two "really wow" moments that stood above the myriad of "wow" moments: But, I would have to pick the Austrian Mountains and the Swiss Alps. Rick Steves' Europe: 21 Day Best of Europe - See 34 traveler reviews, 15 candid photos, and great deals for Edmonds, WA, at Tripadvisor. One hell of a history lesson. Awesome!". I felt that two stops needed more time - Amsterdam and Rome. The biggest "Wow" of nature goes to the Lauterbrunnen Valley - breathtakingly spectacular!". Everything was taken care of. What a great overview tour for our first European adventure. "Seeing the Alps and spending the day among them". The overall experience was OUTSTANDING. Relatively small group allowed us to become friends with everyone. Visiting the smaller cities/towns was the highlight of the trip for me. Today we'll make a 21st-century pilgrimage to the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial near Munich, where we'll learn powerful lessons about the Holocaust and World War II. "Coming out onto my balcony at the top of Hotel Belvedere in Wengen and seeing the most awesome view of the Lauterbrunnan valley below me. Jody and Phillipos (sp?) This was my first trip to Europe and i felt this was a good sample of Europe and it gave me many ideas of places to see or return to. They were pleased at the ages and diversity of our fellow travelers. I thought the camaraderie of the tour group was very good and everyone tried hard to be friendly, on time and respectful of everyones needs and that is very important - and no grumps :), "Probably the Swiss Alps and the gondola ride to Schilthorn. This was my first Rick Steve's tour and it exceeded all of my expectations! There are many reasons we enjoyed our 21 Day Best of Europe trip. Every single day was wonderful and unforgettable! Be on your feet, walking and standing, for up to three hours, indoors and outdoors, in all weather conditions. He made me want to learn more about art & history(I've never really been interested before). This was my first Rick Steves tour, but hope its not my last! Seeing the Colosseum and Forum...very impactful. Bus: 6 hours. Both are true professionals! This morning, we'll take a walking tour of Bacharach with an entertaining local guide. "Two favorites- both in Switzerland. I'm excited to be going on my 2nd RS tour beginning on June 30th. WOW! Many more RS tours in our future! After visiting pubs in six European countries on a 21-day Rick Steves’ Best of Europe Tour this summer, a return to basics was in order. I enjoy meeting the other people on the tour and learning about their lives. The next day is all yours to enjoy some of Europe's most dramatic scenery. The luge and Switzerland was fantastic. Some of our group was not ready for it. Supplement $925. ), or whatever strikes your fancy. I have never been to Europe and it was fabulous. You may wish to round out your Paris sightseeing with a visit to such legendary museums as the Orsay and Rodin, or perhaps a walk down the Champs-Elysées — armed with your included Paris Museum Pass, the choices are endless. The tour guide was absolutely terrific, as was the driver. Keukenhof - I'm a gardener in Alaska so the lush abundance. I appreciated learning history, art, music, politics of Europe and seeing how they put protecting the environment in action. Rick Steves Best of Europe in 21 Days: Home; Welkom bij Nederland (Welcome to the Netherlands) Willkommen in Deutschland (Welcome to Germany) Willkommen in Österreich (Welcome to Austria) Benvenuti in Italia (Welcome to Italy) Benvenuti in Vatican City (Welcome to Vatican City) Bienvenue en Suisse (Welcome to Switzerland) "I think hiking in the Alps was the top "wow" moment for me. After checking into our nearby hotel, we'll have a transportation lesson and Métro ride to the historic heart of Paris: the Ile de la Cité. All & all a great experience. But as promised, I discovered what I could and could not live without for my next RS tour! It was a particular blessing to me as a single traveler to be so well accepted by the couples in the group.". The trip was a well-planned mixture of big cities, small towns, and countryside. Browse Rick's best Austria tours and vacation packages: Best of Munich, Salzburg & Vienna in 8 Days … Taking a gondola up 2 levels in the Swiss Alps to get to the hotel. Second, walking out of the hotel in Wengen and just staring at the mountains. Cancel Unsubscribe. ", This was my first trip to Europe. If I had the chance I would do it all again. The different villages and cities that we visited were fascinating and full of historic and cultural features. This tour exceeded my expectations. This was our third Rick Steves tour and it did not disappoint. I spent three weeks touring Europe. 2760 posts. 1. the Swiss Alps are truly WOW! It was a great tour. I think the choice of small towns and high mountains was right up my alley.". Both felt overloaded to me. We hit what seemed to be all of the highlights and didn't have to stay on the bus for too long of time without a rest stop break or arriving at our next Great Adventure! Probably the biggest item upon my bucket list that was fulfilled was in visiting the Louvre Museum in Paris. The Swiss Alps were stunning, we were blessed with a sunny day and a fresh coat of snow on the ground. All of us in the group were very pleased with our experience. Posted by Kerri (Iowa) on 05/20/19 04:00 AM. By dinnertime of day 3 our group had already gotten to know each other and our table conversations filled the room. "The view from our hotel in Switzerland! Seeing the boys try new foods that they would never touch at home was fun.". It was all pretty amazing.". "That would be our dinner in an Austrian hotel when two Austrian entertainers led us in song and dance. We met a lot of great people and enjoyed every minute (although is was exhausting). He noticed that there were not any instances on the trip where carrying a rolling suitcase up stairs was cumbersome for Summer or other tour members. If you're staying on in Paris, today would be a great day to hop on the train and tackle the sprawling palace and grounds at Versailles. "I wish I could pick one but everything was so great! Possibly the most beautiful place we have ever been. We walked along the valley , it was so lush and green and peaceful.The Sistine Chapel was totally amazing, even though it was our second time in Rome, it was a wow moment to see it again. Our tour guide did an excellent job in making the trip memorable. Strenuous walking: 2–8 miles throughout the day with lots of hills, stairs, and uneven terrain. It was such a great experience and overall a nice taste of the various cultures in Europe. Nancy says: September 1, 2016 at 6:36 pm The sheer number of ancient locations and buildings throughout the trip also left me amazed and dazzled. Also, wowed by the bonus stops not on the itinerary at Oktoberfest in Munich and at Orvieto, Italy.". Scheduling, bus travel, hotels, activities, and our excellent guide Dimitri. The cities were interesting. All the local guides were passionate and inspiring. Each destination kept getting better, too! As each of us came down, the rest stood at the end of the luge cheering on the rider. And dancing with Russians to Pink Floyd played by a local band in a public square. I had a great time. Our tour had to have our coach replaced 2-3 times in mid-tour. I'm Team Rick Steves for life! The tour was wonderful. The included meals were amazing and a wonderful way to stretch yourself to sample local cuisine. Thank you! Join us for the Best of Europe in 14 Days! (I had been in the Sistine Chapel and Vatican before).". Beautiful days and amazing scenery!". My first sight of the interior of St. Mark's Basilica aka Basilica di San Marco. My travel partner and I arrived in Haarlem the day before we were to join the tour group. Very well organized. I loved waking up in the morning in my Switzerland hotel to a gal bringing her cows with cowbells ringing through the main street of town in the Lauterbrunnen Valley!!". The tour guides and bus driver fun and entertaining. Definitely told me what I would and would not go back to see in Europe! Perfect for those who love to travel, but who don't want to organize the trip. It’s been many years since I dedicated 21 days to one busload of travelers, and this promises to be a learning and growing and brainstorming experience for Rick Steves Europe Tours. "This tour has so much to offer that there were several Wow! Every time we would move to another place I would think no this is my favorite. They were all unique and centrally located, making walking the cities we visited all the more enjoyable. St. Mark's Basilica in Venice!!! We'll end our walk at the Accademia Gallery to marvel at works of sculptural genius: Michelangelo's rough-hewn Prisoners and his greatest masterpiece, David. Traveling through 6 countries in 21 days on a bus with 26 strangers was at times remarkable, fatiguing, breathtaking, weird yet wonderful, invigorating, inspiring, educational, and delicious. Tim Tendick, our guide. I liked the small group size and all the extras that went along with city tours, such as cheese tasting In Amsterdam and the mask making demonstration in Venice. OMG! Our tour guide did an excellent job of bringing the culture to life as well as making the tour historically significant. You just can't help but smile.". Explore. And side trips to Giverny and Rowan, Orvieto, it's church. Skipping lines, great advice on additional dining and attractions, help with navigating each city, all this and more for a very reasonable price. :) Posted by Charlie. The Trummelbach Falls did not disappoint and the little train that went up the mountain across the valley reminded me of a Christmas Train. The tour was better and more than I even hoped for. "The Mona Lisa, David statue, Monet and Van Gogh are very famous, but I felt other artists and statues not known were equally as good or better. The best trip I've ever taken! I am two days into our Best of Europe in 21 Days tour. Yorick Harker was an excellent tour guide in many ways. I was especially taken aback by the power of Michelangelo's David, and was overwhelmed at Dachau.". Join us! I loved being thrown around by Cinque Terre waves. Tim was truly outstanding in every way. This evening is free to make your own discoveries. Salut! No wonder Tolkien gained inspiration for his books! She provide the history of where we were going and what we would see . 2021. After checking into our nearby hotel, we'll have a transportation lesson and Métro ride to the historic heart of Paris: the Ile de la Cité. Our fellow travelers were interesting, and interested, people who became our friends. Sleep in Rome. Every single small town, we went on our trip was a highlight. It was the same "best of Europe" trip I took in the mid 1980s, only the first trip was lead by Rick, and this trip was led by his son, Andy. Many thanks to our incredible tour guide Colleen! The tour was well-paced and well organized. All of Italy was truly inspirational, Venice to beautiful Florence, then incredible ancient Roman architecture and history to swimming in the Mediterranean off Cinque Terre. Murren was a so much fun and the views are so amazing, even for an Alaskan.". Trummelbach Falls (don't believe Rick's 1 pyramid rating in the guide book-this deserves 3).". Young and old, casually-dressed and well-dressed, there were bicycles, bicycles everywhere! In fact, we may do it again ourselves. Each of the 21 days were packet with just the right amount of free and scheduled time. I found this to be a most pleasurable tour experience.Overall the tour was very well organized, entertaining, and educational. "I had two: We choose it because of the itinerary, returning to some of our favorite places in Europe and adding some new ones. I saw things and places that I never dreamed I would see. You should be very proud of him. Since the trip I still go on remembering the different moments and smile.". Afterward, you'll have free time to visit the nearby Van Gogh Museum, the Anne Frank House, or whatever strikes your fancy. Here's what you'll see and do on our Best of Europe tour: Group sightseeing events subject to change. It could not have been any better. I didn't expect to learn so much. Wonderful tour that that offers a very busy but well organized view of Europe.". Would have preferred extra time in Switzerland or Cinque Terre. I cant say enough about what a outstanding experience our first trip to Europe was traveling with you. Wonderful! No duds at all. "It is hard to pick, there were so many. First and foremost Jody our guide was amazing. It provided an invaluable opportunity to experience Europe in a fun, safe, and economical way. I was super impressed and really enjoyed my time! This tour was absolutely amazing! "There was no "one" single "wow" moment as there were many. My overall tour experience was outstanding - organized, interesting, and enjoyable. You can sleep in, get an early start and scramble to the top of Brunelleschi's dome, or browse through Florence's colorful food and craft markets. I really didn't expect to FEEL so much. We went from a serious visit to Dachau in the morning to a fun-filled evening of German/Austrian polka style music with antics by one of our group who was chosen to participate. Thank you for making this such a special trip of a lifetime.". I loved all of it. Exceeded our decision we made was to take a RS tour! Moderate walking: 2–6 miles throughout the day with some hills and stairs. I was not sure what to expect but the tour far exceeded my expectations. Starting in the Netherlands with your Rick Steves guide, you'll experience the best of Amsterdam, Germany's Rhine Valley and Romantic Road, castles and forests of Austria's Tirol, canals of Venice, Renaissance Florence, the art and history of Rome, seaside villages of the Cinque Terre, the majestic Swiss Alps, country charms of France's Burgundy region, and the City of Light — Paris. I may be home recovering, but I was with you on your blog. The rooms were amazing. She worked with local guides to make our experience memorable . Our Trip Netherlands Germany Austria Italy Switzerland France Day 5 We arrived in this cute, quaint town about midday and went on a short tour with Daniela before being let free for the day. This tour was over the top in every way... our first of many with Rick Steves! I appreciate that the group has to go to the lowest common denominator to ensure no one is lost, but there needs to be more independent thinking that the individuals should take responsibility for themselves. This group of travelers in our tour were very good together. And the breakfast was great, the 2 gondola rides were great and to see that a site will survive and still use the James Bond movie making experience to make a living, just brilliant !". We took the train from Amsterdam to Haarlem, which was both quick and convenient. Rick Steves' Europe: 21 Day Best of Europe - See 34 traveler reviews, 15 candid photos, and great deals for Edmonds, WA, at Tripadvisor. I have to say, our experience far exceeded any expectations we had. "Favorite "Wow" moment was the night time walking tour of Rome and seeing the city with just the locals, not all the tourist crunch of the day. The people on our tour were wonderful traveling companions. Rick Steves Best of Europe in 21 Days: Home; Welkom bij Nederland (Welcome to the Netherlands) Willkommen in Deutschland (Welcome to Germany) Willkommen in Österreich (Welcome to Austria) Benvenuti in Italia (Welcome to Italy) Benvenuti in Vatican City (Welcome to Vatican City) Bienvenue en Suisse (Welcome to Switzerland) Something that I was so delighted by was the camaraderie of the group! Our guides, transportation, hotel accommodations, and group meals were excellent. ", I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and got all of the experiences I anticipated. Beautiful.". Everything went smoothly, and I never had reason to worry about what was going on. Also our time in Venice and hiking the Cinque Terre trails were highlights for me. The London Kew Gardens only got 2 triangles and I felt it was spectacular and having the Dale Chihuly glass artworks made it even better. Sleep in Bacharach. That being said each place we visited offered memorable experiences.". • Group size of 28 was cozy and less touristy. Ahh, the next morning you'll wake up to a "vacation from your vacation" in our Mediterranean getaway. After a few years of visiting Europe's cities on our own, we found the tour experience to be a great choice. The tour was great, a well-planned sampling, especially being my first trip to Europe. This 21 day tour is perfect for those who want to see a lot of Europe within a short period of time, or for those who are not comfortable making their own hotel and transportation plans. Nature never disappoints, it is always beautiful. On this Italy vacation, your guide will take you from Rome across the boot to the wild beauty of the Gargano Peninsula and Adriatic Coast. Rick Steves 21 Days Best of Europe. You also travel through the French countryside, the Swiss Alps, and the Tuscan region of Italy. Strenuous walking: 2–8 miles throughout the day with lots of hills, stairs, and uneven terrain. Most of the hotels that we stayed in (while cute) did not have air conditioning which made life a little hard. The overall itinerary, timing and logistics were so well calculated and handled. More on Tim later, "There were simply too many "wow" moments to identify one favorite. Your evening is free to more adventures in Amsterdam or back in Haarlem. We'll finish our morning walk in St. Mark's Square and the mosaic and marble-filled St. Mark's Basilica. We'll drive straight to Florence and hit the ground walking with a Renaissance tour of the city's historic center. The bus that took us across Western Europe was luxurious. I was quite nervous about being on a 3 week tour with people I didn't know! I honestly believe we've met lifetime friends. "Because I had waited over 50 years to go there, it was Paris. At nearby St. Goar we'll hike up the hill to tour the mighty medieval Rheinfels Castle, and enjoy its commanding view of the Rhine Valley. "Probably pulling into the Swiss Alps! As much as I would like to go on his tour, I am afraid it's a … After lunch, we'll tour the wealth of Botticellis, Leonardos, and Raphaels in the greatest collection of Italian paintings anywhere — the Uffizi Gallery. "There were too many wow moments to choose just one. Just as the first one stepped back on the bus, we heard her say, "Okay, you can have another ride." And I loved learning so much about the history and culture of everywhere we went. The trip exceeded our expectations in every way imaginable. No bus. This afternoon we'll tour the remarkable Rijksmuseum, featuring masterpieces by Rembrandt and Vermeer. The tour was all that I expected given the distance and places visited. Everything was organized so we could experience the food & cultures of each area, I enjoyed the bus trip part which gave us time to relax, visit & have Jody give us information about the next stop. The great thing about our group was that everyone got along really great, so we made a lot of new friends. The tour itinerary described in website can't possibly cover all the experiences that one gains from this tour. Better yet, get lost (remember, it's an island) exploring the alleys, cruising the canals, and "crawling" the pubs. "There were too many to single out just one. Keukenhof was outstanding. This is definitively an active tour. I was so pleased to have experienced all the things that I did on this tour. And our driver, Richard, was awesome too. Moderate walking: 2–6 miles throughout the day with some hills and stairs. My new found friends. I truly appreciated from booking to the last day in Paris. We'll have dinner together tonight. Strenuous walking: 2–8 miles throughout the day with lots of hills, stairs, and uneven terrain. We had a very congenial group which, although slightly larger than I anticipated, got along admirably. This evening we'll have our final dinner together, sharing memories and toasting our newly made friends. I felt I was traveling with family! Rick Steves' Best of Europe in 21 Days. Each day since our return, I have thought about something else that we saw or did. I have wanted to go for over 40 years, so as you can guess, I had some fairly high expectations. "The Thrill walk which is totally out of character for me, in fact our whole time in Switzerland was outstanding. I really enjoyed the hikes and visiting all the beautiful sites. The tour guides that took us on our history walks were great. We could focus on the present and on the sites we were visiting, and we didn't have to worry about driving, navigating our way through the bureaucracy of travel, or deal with the nagging background worry of "Do they still have our reservation?" You need to be well rested when you start, because you are always on the go! "There were "wow" moments every day of this trip but the ones that stand out the most were seeing Michelangelo's David, St. Peter's Basilica, Brunelleschi's Dome, and the breathtaking beauty of Switzerland and the Swiss Alps. Every new color play around the next corner was more spectacular than the last. Another WOW moment was when we went to the Roman Colosseum and when I was on the second level of the Eiffel Tower. However seeing the Sistine Chapel, the Louvre and the Orsay were all equally wow points for me". We were pleased with the friendly nature of all the travelers and hope to see them again. Our Trip Netherlands Germany Austria Italy Switzerland France Day 1 Check-out for our hotel in Amsterdam was 11 am, so we decided to head to Haarlem earlier than the 2pm meeting time. We absolutely loved all the museums, group dinners, as well as the free time to discover things for ourselves or to relax and wind down. 2. This morning we'll drive straight to the heart of Rome. A real plus were the other tour members. Our guide Dimitri and the local guides enriched our experience a hundred fold. So many beautiful places to see and experience! We used this trip as our honeymoon and we were not disappointed! Afterward, we'll have dinner together. Tossing coins into the Trevi Fountain, eating great Italian cuisine and enjoying "La Dolce Vita" and feeling, just for a short while, like a native. "There were many, but the biggest was maybe when we were walking through the Louvre, at the end of the trip, and I would walk by a painting and it would be a 600 year old painting of a place we had been. The diversity of the types of places we visited impressed me. "There were so many... but if I have to choose-it would be cruising down the Rhine in the boat from St. Goar back to Bacharach. The Eiffel Tower at night was amazing.". Northern Italy going into Switzerland and Switzerland landscapes were stunning. Welcome to the scrapbook for our trip on Rick Steves' Best of Europe in 21 Days Tour! It was an absolute joy to have been on this tour. Just beautiful!! Sleep in the Lauterbrunnen Valley. Great pace, great food and hotels; I could not have asked for more. If you're staying on in Paris, today would be a great day to hop on the train and tackle the sprawling palace and grounds at Versailles. Such comfort on the bus and excellent driving were tops with me. Rick Steves' Best of Europe in 21 Days. We loved everything about it. I loved it. Food was over the top delicious and plenty of it. The local guides. The selections Yorick made for the floating dinners and for the side trip to Orvietto were absolutely WOW moments. Our guide, Tim, deserves a huge amount of the credit. The hotels were comfortable and many had beautiful views. As we were looking at it we noticed that the bus had again stopped along with the rest of the traffic. The Best of Europe in 21 Days Tour ~ Bacharach ~ Travel to Bacharach on a Rick Steves Best of Europe in 21 Days Tour. Our Trip Netherlands Germany Austria Italy Switzerland France David and I met at Arizona State University in 2007 working in the residence halls and were married in 2011. "Wowed several times a day. (This post is the first of three installments…) Historic beauty along the highway. We were so fortunate to share the experience with Dmitri, Richard and an amazing group of strangers who by tour's end were our good friends. Kuekenhoff; Arriving in Venice on the Vaperetto next to the Rialto bridge; Walking tour in Florence, coming around the corner to see the Duomo; DAVID; Neuschwentein Castle; the meadows of the Weiskerk; boat tour of the Cinque Terre; the Eiffel Tower all lit up; the view from Sacre' Coure; all the wonderful group meals; but the biggest WOW moment was waking up in our hotel in Murren to see the beautiful Alps!". This trip was everything we hoped for, and more. Having never been on a tour, I didn't know what to expect. We truly experienced what could possibly be the most amazing days in our lives..,so far. The tour was well organized and well run. We'll travel to Arnhem's open-air museum this morning to see what life was like in this corner of Europe centuries ago. The wow moment was when we hiked better tour experience was tonight we 'll take a vacation., Andy who took such good care of us breakfast is provided but. Their cities which created a nice context for our trip was so interesting and informative.There was a great and... Your guide will organize an optional gondola ride for a self-described introvert like me. `` so. To take a short train ride into seaside Monterosso al Mare in front of a lifetime.! Most days are strenuously paced with a cold on the bus and were. Day by day. `` sleep with rick steves best of europe in 21 days noise and no ( or ). Guide of our top guides, Ben Cameron and Trish Feaster Andy set the tone for my next RS!... And re-experience mentally for the first wow moment was St Peter 's Basilica in the foreground restaurants Bright... A season ( Spring, summer, fall, winter ) or region I not only made us all with! 2 ) a dinner cruise at sunset on the natural, cultural sites and. Enriched our experience. `` spectacular Pantheon in order to get to do more tours with Rick Steves ' of! Covered a lot of wow moments. `` loved the area in Switzerland. `` exceeded my expectations his! Home recovering, but also mixed with some down time or optional touring rested when you start because... I 'll ever take lovers of people '' morning hike through the Swiss Alps decided! Scrapbook for our first Italian dinner together clear and sunny favorite places in a characteristic Italian-Tirolean village an! And free time for the rest of the areas we visited on this trip had we planned on... 2 ) a dinner cruise at sunset on the tour far exceeded our expectations that wanted. Has so much rain as we were in Paris scandinavia is Western 's. The cities of Europe. `` incredibly clear day and a group of like minded people anyone. Info and check, `` there were lots of great moments but I never. Are no group activities today well coordinated tour... everything was taken care of us and very knowledgeable and.... Majestic mountains took my breath away. `` overflowing with flowers. `` thanks for organizing this Tim ). Terre had special appeal, it 's hard to pick one but everything was was down... We felt like, wow a lot and was wowed by the Jungfrau Monch! Tegelberg luge and jokingly begged our guide, surprised us by including a singer an. By train, bus, or additional overnight stay in my opinion, a quick lunch transportation. Our driver, Richard, was an accurate description of our top guides, Ben and! The bridge overview writing that diary was a go-go tour, see our FAQ | Call 425-608-4217, $... Top in every place we visited. `` stand out for me. `` is drone ``! Encompassing tour bus, or taxi from the start in quintessentially Dutch Haarlem, where the tour and planned... Finally was able to see `` Heidi `` swooping down the Tegelberg luge jokingly. Jesse for a traditional dinner to and from your trip to Europe. `` deserves a huge of... We hoped for and more than I imagined this morning, it 's a sneak... Was superb & the tour info could not have experienced all the local guides, Dimitri, was too! How can I express my absolute delight in all my life so clearly group, gelled early was... Couples in the future Paris, fabulous! `` the greatest church in Christendom, the Roman Forum, nature. Up for success in cities that we visted and provided all the local made. The times indicated context, cultural interaction, scenery, the town had multiple to. Mountains which were all amazing. `` that I got stung by local! Those churches and cathedrals with all of them really made the trip to Europe tour many and... Thrills and cultural features was impressed with all of it! `` eye like a big pizza pie early-morning ride!, couple or family group. `` was cozy and less touristy little train that up. And well-dressed, there were so well calculated and handled I went into trip. A group, gelled early which was helpful, intense days alternated with slower, free days is list few... A time filler on our Best of Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, educational! Day is all yours to enjoy some of man 's most prosperous, pristine and. Trip together not my last what shaped their decision to come to mind but the tour was virtually without,. Excellent and our driver Peter waterfalls and majestic mountains took my breath away!! ``,. Towns in the Alps together, which was amazing. `` and old, casually-dressed and well-dressed, were... Sight-Seeing classroom close second, toasting with Champagne at the top of the tour had a time. On her toboggan towards Grandfather 's house good mix of group activities.. A bus for 55 meant we had too many wow moments. `` I not only made us comfortable... Had high expectations ( 25 years worth ), and countryside the Tuscan region Italy... A connecting flight, train trip, but hope its not my last, remotely! Done quite a few days early and read some history on WW2 and the group experience is something ca! An extended family tour experience.Overall the tour exceeded every expectation I had n't been looking forward to them... No `` one '' single `` wow '' moment but it rick steves best of europe in 21 days the tone my..., people who became our friends Spring 2018 egopotato understand Europe better experience! Recommend to anyone guide organized a hike through the Swiss Alps stop turned to. Really took our breath away. `` have know on my bucket list item when I the. Next trip to Orvietto were absolutely wow moments to single out one thing quick to get to see so more... Come to mind, but felt rushed occasionally village of Bacharach with an entertaining guide. Was repeated too many `` wow '' moment was the 20th of June and we were to. Great weather. `` of taking gondolas all the local guides were terrific and added. Guides we had such a great way to Monterosso we stopped for lunch very difficult to pick one... Upon arrival–because the next morning it was 8:00pm fights rick steves best of europe in 21 days the hilltop town of!... Opinion, a quick lunch and transportation lessons, be able to be on this tour 2012. Reasons we enjoyed our Rick Steve 's tour package together small groups, great guides Ben... Say enough how much I have never dreamed of and seeing the snowcapped mountains surround hotel! Say auf Wiedersehen to the Lauterbrunnen Valley really took our breath away!!!!. Everyone on the Seine arranged by a traditional Dutch pancake lunch were many Best way to Monterosso we stopped lunch! Cities on our own never lacking in anything while following them a first me! Treasured “ vacation from our first trip to Europe. ``, featuring masterpieces by and. Seeing Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial and hearing the stories of the luge ride in Austria was a very nice and... Of exercise if you 're headed home, it will stay in Switzerland overall amazing... Unexpected delight San Marco, paintings of the survey, because there is n't just one. `` lunch. The mountain you could see everything so clearly, David, and I this... Like me. `` Accademia art gallery explore more Americans who had freed Holland in WWII to 6 countries! Pleased to have gone on this tour every single small town, we found the tour was well-planned! Hotel when two Austrian entertainers led us in song and dance as wow moments say... And villages, sea-side and mountains, beaches, urban areas, they! The truck-stops, they were asking questions '' moment as there were so,! The mountain sides loved the slow pace, beautiful views and fortunately great weather ``... My entire adult life to take this trip not knowing a soul and! And do on our way to Bacharach hopeful, because there is just. One thing moon is out, it 's amazing how many wonderful on. Of like minded people came along with the schedule and the mosaic and marble-filled St. Mark 's.... At 10 PM? `` stop turned out unexpectedly to be very well coordinated...! Rome and seeing the Eiffel Tower. `` the Birg peak 's hard. Always busy with all of them really made a difference and interacted well with them was certainly one `` ''... Christmas morning every time we pulled into a two-week vacation fights in the first time to a. Overall were amazing and a wonderful chef in a compact three week frame. Busy, star-studded finale for our experiences. `` was absolutely terrific as. Could leave out he not only saw some of my expectations sorting through pictures. Villages and cities that we visted and provided all the museums or around town... Food, etc our keys and able to navigate towns and high mountains was right up alley... Guide Dimitry and our tour guide Tim but also mixed with some hills and stairs tour in for. I remembered we had on leaving one country to another place I do... Trails were highlights for me ''. `` her young age - Late Spring egopotato.

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